About Us

About Us
Shaping The Future

Our Mission

Trinian Enterprise, an independent media company based in London, United Kingdom, stands at the crossroads of innovation and creativity in the digital media landscape. Our mission spans across the creation and production of captivating child animation, the global distribution of movies and TV series, and the expansion of our video content portfolio.

We are steadfastly embracing new entertainment technologies to distribute filmed entertainment shows worldwide and manage an impressive array of over 700 global YouTube channels, which together amass more than 8 billion views and exceed 30 million subscribers.

Our presence is felt at all major industry events, such as the European Film Market (EFM), MIPTV, Marchédu Film, MIPCOM, and the American Film Market (AFM), through strong partnerships with film industry leaders like BetaCinema, FilmNation, ForesightUnlimited, HanWay Films, and Voltage Pictures.

The strength of Trinian Enterprise lies in our relentless dedication to providing tailored content that resonates with a diverse audience, building robust distribution networks, and implementing well-structured marketing strategies.

With distribution partners spanning South America, Europe, Asia  and the United States, we take pride in our ability to help your film or catalogue reach worldwide distribution.

At Trinian Enterprise, we are committed to transcending borders and breaking barriers in the world of digital media. Let us guide your content on its journey to global recognition.

Our Team

We have a professional team

Our team is a diverse blend of creative, technical, and business experts, each bringing unique skills and experiences to the table. United by our passion for digital media, we are dedicated to fostering an environment of innovation, collaboration, and growth. From forging strategic partnerships to crafting engaging content and ensuring seamless content delivery, we work in harmony to propel Trinian Enterprise to new heights.